Serve communities in crisis, impoverished, oppressed, and persecuted (often for the national origin, race, and tribe) who receive little or no assistance. Serving them with dignity and respect, we build relationships that allow us to help them through crises and build secure and prosperous communities. Train & strengthen local communities to do the same. Assist local, regional, and national leaders to bring religious freedom and civil society to their people.




We serve in regions where people are suffering from manmade and natural disasters to bring help and hope through compassionate relief. ​





We transition to long-term development helping them transform their communities from poverty and sickness into healthy self-sustaining communities. Our development method, Transformational Community Development, teaches communities to identify, prioritize, and resolve their problems with locally available resources. With community ownership throughout the process, successful sustainability is high. It is our plan to achieve this goal in 3 to 5 years then exit the community. ​






Through Biblical theological and leadership training, with minimal cultural impact, strengthen and encourage the Believers to, within their cultural context, interpret and understand the scripture, raise up righteous leaders, and form Biblical and effective leadership structures. ​





We engage in regions where Christians and other minorities are persecuted, enslaved, and killed because of their faith, race, and tribe. We come alongside to assist through education, peacemaking, and working with local and national governments to bring protection, peace, and freedom. ​






We hold a high value on partnership. Local team: We build partnerships with trusted nationals, usually from that area, to take lead on the projects and be responsible for engaging the communities we are helping throughout the relief and development phases. Other organizations: All crises outstrip the capacity of any single organization and no one organization can address all the needs of a community. We partner with other organizations to accomplish our mission.



The goal of our mission is to be obedient to the commands of Jesus in Matthew 22:36-40, the Great Commandment, Matthew 28:19-20, the Great Commission




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